Monday, September 7, 2015

Using Lebanese Blogs is a criminal offence

Using Lebanese Blogs is a criminal offence.
I wish this was a joke. No it is not.
I am indeed being accused - legally - of having an article of mine "deliberately posted there for maximum harm". Whereas I would understand this coming from a lawyer who might not be internet savvy, I am trying to understand how a person who defines himself as a "successful advertising man locally and internationally" can actually agree to - or even suggest this - as part of a criminal offence.
In case you think you are such an advertising wizard, why not read what the site says:
"How does this website work?
Every 15 minutes, our crawler goes through the blogs listed and looks for newly posted posts. The crawler then adds new posts to our database and publishes them on the website."
Who is behind this website?
My name is Mustapha Hamoui. I design and develop websites as a hobby. I have a couple of blogs too."
In other words, Lebanese Blogs does not belong to me, is not related to me, nor do I have control over it, its contents, or the way it behaves technically.
Fun fact: Lebanese Blogs was actually called Lebanon Blogs :)
When you are in a hole, stop digging.
I am having a good week. Yes, not just in spite of this, but because of this.

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