Monday, September 14, 2015

Byblos Bank unveils... The Makers!!!

It seems I spoke too fast yesterday, the "makers" have indeed been revealed and by none other than Byblos Bank (there was a website in the reveal and in it the above TVC!). The ad, which follows a massive campaign on the streets give a voice and an edge to anyone between 18 and 24 to whom the "makers" account goes. The TVC has been shot in instagram filter colors (otherwise known as 70s over exposure to those of us not 18-24), and it even has an "insta" and "snap"(chat) accounts linked to it (whomever thought of this for media does know the youth!).
The copy is very motivating without being patronizing (yeah try finding that balance), it does draw on the experiences of young people trying to put things in perspective and wanting to change their country (funny, we had the same ad in 2005 by Aizone - the iconic "Vote" ad which is similar in beat, alternative vibe and optimistic feel!) and not inclined for history to repeat itself (neither as tragedy nor as farce to paraphrase Marx).
When the ad goes to "we move urgently, not fearfully" I truly had goosebumps there, and although I am not of the target audience I identified with the ad and the thought process.
If you are 18-24 and you don't subscribe to those ideas and ideals, then maybe you are of the wrong age bracket mentally. It is good to know this generation can have a motivating ad for them to subscribe to, because it gives me hope for the future of the land.

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