Thursday, July 2, 2015

Toshiba speaks to the Ampere people!

Look at this cutie campaign from Toshiba via Lowe Pimo! If you do not understand the whole creative focus on the "ampere" thing, then maybe you do not live in Lebanon and need to coordinate with other household members about the use of electrical appliances when the electricity is off and the 5 Amperes you took from the generator guy run out easily (hint, a microwave and a refrigerator usually get the switch to go off if used together). And here comes Toshiba! With a campaign geared on the angle of small appliances being jealous of the big fridge because it consumes only 1/2 of a an ampere, the copy goes as much to say that the coffee heater "is boiling" while the night lamp "dawwa rassa" (local expression which means "her head lit up" from jealousy). Lovely copy, creative execution, so what is there not to love!

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