Friday, June 12, 2015

#mbalaghalat - Pepsi thinks women are vegetables

Dear Pepsi, this is 2015, the time and place when women were thought of as vegetables goes back to the Mad Men era. Now it is a different place and time, I hope you realize that. First let me explain the creepy ad - "his car heated it, so he "reaped" #mishghalat" - the "reaping" in question is the lovely lady who had kindly offered him a Pepsi while waiting for the tow truck or whatever. #mishghalat means "not wrong". Guess what? It is wrong! #mbalaghalat - as we in Lebanon try to improve women's conditions via manifestations and laws and whatever, people who thought of, presented and approved of this ad keep dragging us backwards. Remove this ad and appologize to women, A gentleman is one who knows his mistake and admits it.

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