Monday, June 22, 2015

Did Al Wadi Al Akhdar copycat Gandour?

Hmmm, an intriguing one here. As much as I love the Al Wadi Al Akhdar ad (Baba has the right to be ghannouj (or to spoil himself) happy father's day), I cannot but see the similarities with the Gandour ad which went public two days prior. I am not saying it is a clear case of copycat, but when an ad like Gandour does go out so publicly even if Al Wadi had their done long before the logic and courtesy would imply them changing it presto to avoid copycat labelling in design and the confusion this comes with. So copycat or not, common sense (which seems rare in the ad industry believe me) would really indicate for Al Wadi to have modified their ads - apparently they thought the ad was so good they were resting on their transats (or chaise lounge) to do that. Shame!

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