Thursday, June 4, 2015

2015: the age of my digital repositioning

And so it happened: 7UPstairs Publishing is dead. More than 50 (I think 55!) books down the line, dozens of independent videos, the not-for-profit publishing house is now gone. The vimeo page is gone too. Flickr ditto. Soon the Beirut/NTSC page on Facebook will be deleted as well keeping all updates from my own profile there since the brand itself is no longer valid or useful at this time.
Heck, even the official namesake website will remain as a name and its contents will go too. Interestingly for someone as organized and driven as I am, this was not a premeditated decision, it came as a logical but sudden consequence to noticing how thin I had spreading myself over the net. So now the time of repositioning has come.
All further updates will keep coming, don't worry, I am not closing shop. I am simply repositioning myself and killing off all unnecessary aliases which have overdone their stay.

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