Saturday, May 30, 2015

Regarding the Ramadaniyat x Tarek Chemaly algorithm

I was asked recently how come my art looks so random yet very organized? Actually, at base I am an engineer and an economist so my work is thought of very methodologically based on equations. So to be honest when constructing an algorithm, I almost do not know the final shape of the work but I can certainly dictate the feel of it. When I said recently the works which will be the fruit of my collaboration with Ramadaniyat Beirutiya is based on a complex algorithm I got asked what this meant. Think of an algorithm as a giant mathematical equation, the bits and pieces of the images above are generated by that central equation, Sure, I can choose the original photos I am working on but the constructed algorithm adds to much hazard and chance it is impossible to control the final output. Still, what you see above is a part of a gigantic puzzle which will end up yielding 60 new works for the Ramadaniyat Beirutiya collaboration. I hope you enjoy seeing his as much as I enjoyed making them!

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