Monday, March 16, 2015

Special offers on housemaids!

Research credit - GM
Back in the day, that would be the late 80s, an ad for a detergent on TV put a Srilankese maid in the washing machine as a haha moment to say it makes everything white. Circa 1998 an ad appeared which promised "with every maid, a free apron". But hey we are after all a country with a product called "sif el 3abed" - with 3abed meaning "slave", a generic naming for all creatures of darker complexion - and whereas Gandour did the right thing by re-baptizing Ras el 3abed (again, head of the slave) with Tarboush, there are still idiots - as the ad above proves it - who do not get it. AT ALL.
When one of my students, the son of a prominent MP said "monsieur, our Srilankese comes from Ethiopia" - in front of a class that bursted laughing to his bewilderment - he was not aware of what he did.... The people in the ad above belong to the same category. Enough said!
Well, I am wrapping this quickly to benefit from the special offer, it only runs for 10 days after all!

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