Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Rima Karaki bares all!

Yes, the title of this post is purposely sexist and sensationalist.
Because, what annoyed me above all about what happened with Rima Karaki, the Al Jadeed anchor who cut off a male guest - a sheikh no less - who was disrespecting her, is that the photos of her interview which widely circulated over the net showed her wearing a veil.
People I know abroad, unfamiliar with our TV permissiveness assumed all anchors go on TV with a veil. Above is a PR photo of Karaki "baring it all" - undulant luxurious hair which could have appeared in a shampoo ad, blouse which puts her ample assets on display, and a smile surely sponsored by a dental clinic.
See? No veil.
By the way, in the frenzy of what happened, everyone expected me to weigh in, I frankly did not see anything worth weighing on. Karaki herself said today “Had I not answered, I would have hated myself, and I don’t want to hate myself,” - meaning: No big deal.
Surely, everyone spoke of women's rights and all that, rightly so - but well - I (along with Karaki it seems) saw this as a mere act of dignity!
And the veil?
Again from he Guardian:
"Karaki criticised what she felt was the hypocrisy of some religious guests demanding that she wear the veil in interviews, but speaking to uncovered journalists outside the studio. She said that as a journalist she treated the story as a priority.
“I object out of respect for the veil, because the veil is not a game we put on or take off according to the whims of some religious men,” she said. “God’s will is more important than theirs, and they have no right to give themselves that power.”
Karaki said she would soon raise the issue of female journalists being pressured to wear the veil in interviews. “But because I respect the veil, it pains me,” she said. “I put it on in order to meet them halfway.”"
See? No veil.
Well, sometimes!

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