Friday, March 20, 2015

#momyouwereright the Tarek Chemaly confession

A few hours back I got a call from Leo Burnett Beirut regarding the Alfa Telecom #momyouwereright campaign for Mother's Day tomorrow. Above and beyond all, after eight years of blogging agencies known better than to entice me to write something pre-packaged or some press release. But this time around I actually gave it a listening ear - yes, the one that had a hearing aid on it no less!
So I was supposed to give my own take on #momyouwereright - my creative mind went racing but the more I added the two words "Leo Burnett" and "mom", well, the more "you wouldn't believe what happened next" as the click-bait titles say.
A few years back, three rather, there was an availability for a very senior position at Leo Burnett Beirut as the person in question was due to maternity leave, the position had my name on it - I was the perfect replacement, but also it was to open doors swinging for future prospects.
I come back home excitedly to share the offer with my mother only to be met with lukewarm response. Flagger blasted to the reaction, I made it a point to engage in a conversation on the vast veranda as late afternoon sunshine soaked us.
Then she spit it out "Tarek you do see a pattern here, don't you? You get recruited in prestigious companies, six months down the line you overreach your job description, a year later you single handedly run departments, and then two years after the fact, you are so frustrated no one works up to your optimal speed and slam the door behind you as you leave and resign".
And so that was it, little did Leo Burnett know that by calling me they would end up having the reason why I am not among them. But #momyouwereright some people are better off friends rather than lovers, in a recent meeting with Leo Burnett Beirut, the parting words "oh, and just keep doing what you are doing with your blog, yes - us included!"
So there, #momyouwereright by not being enthusiastic about a job break I got - instead of slamming the Leo Burnett door behind me violently as I resign by listening to her advice I now gained powerful allies within the limits of mutual respect and deep appreciation.  
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