Friday, December 26, 2014

Nasri Khattar: Fighting illiteracy with typography. (UPDATE)

Whereas I am usually skeptical of those who claim they can change the world with design, and that's not because design cannot change the world, but rather because such a label is put on everything and anything; I cannot but express my sincere admiration for Nasri Khattar and the effort he has done.
The invitation to the book signing, "Nasri Khattar, A Modernist Typotect; Fighting Illiteracy with Type Design" reads: Nasri Khattar is the inventor of Unified Arabic type.He is an architect and a type designer who has dedicated his whole life for the proliferation of Arabic script through the use of Unified Arabic letters that do not change shape according to their position in the word. A visionary work of 30 letter forms that fought their way through the corridors of diplomacy, international business and the minds of Arabs.
Had the invitation not been sustained with the following incredible image, one could have easily dismissed it as pompous. But just one look simply justifies every word above.
Indeed, it only takes minimal Arabic lessons for such a new typeset to become readable to everyone. Arabs are often (justly) accused of not reading. This is an incentive to start doing so.

UPDATE: Due to logistic reasons the signing is postponed to a date which will be announced later.
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