Friday, October 31, 2014

Undressed: Society's reflection in its brands

Johnnie Stalker - Boo
Smack Daniels - Boo
Anti-consumerist discourse is not exactly very popular in Lebanon, heck - even the blogosphere is full of people sucking up to brands to endorse them and be their spokespeople (for free, they never "make a dime off their blogs" of course!). Anyhow, it is interesting to see suddenly a whole new anti-brand manifesto by an artist who dubs himself as Boo... I don't think I am in a liberty to reveal his identity (even if I am sure it will be out during the exhibition and that it is common knowledge among a certain circle fo people). His works, in ballpoint on paper have witty names such as "Johnnie Stalker" or "Smack Daniels" or "But Wiser". Somewhere between a conscious consumer and a disillusioned advertiser, Boo takes a step back from the ginding mill to assess where he stands vis a vis the society he lives in, and what space do brands take in it.
Undressed will take place at the ArtLab Gemmayze and is scheduled to open on November 6th and runs till November 29th.

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