Thursday, September 25, 2014

Great ads for the Ghadi News and Lebanon Debate amateurish initiative

Now here's a paradox! Ghadi News and Lebanon Debate came up with a great campaign for an amateurish initivative. But at least they are advertising it correctly. Here's some visuals of their campaign and what they mean.
"No matter how much we scream "we are thirsty", water remains water" in this context the expression means "no one is willing to make a change".
"Water passes under him and we are thristy" again used in this way, it means "he is oblivious of what is going on around him" speaking mainly of politicians,
"How can the people drink when the officials responsible for them drown in a cup of water" - self explanatory when spekaing of someone who has no initiative or over-worries and does nothing on the ground.
 "The decision to import water from Turkey, you can boil it and drink its water" - an expression which refers to something which has no impact on the ground or while dismissing a thought as fruitless.
"First it was the story of the oil pitcher, now it's the water picther" - this one is very tricky to explain, 
because the "oil pitcher" story refers to something which gets repeated over and over.
The revealer that ties everything together is this one:
Which means "together, we bring back the water to its channels" - meaning "we will fix things" or "make amends".
As I said, the campaign is actually very smart, the initiative however, is a bit all over the place.

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