Monday, September 1, 2014

DGGS vs Army National Guard: An ad theft indeed (UPDATE)

Seeing double? And considering each image is cut in half then you're seeing double-double (quadruple!)... Now that we go this out of the way, the new General Directorate of General Security ad (a product of a certain Phenomena which is no stranger to borrowing concepts) seems too close for comfort for the Army National Guard recruitment poster. I know that the US has just given ammunition to the Lebanese Armed Forces, so maybe a poster must have slipped among the goods. On second thought, it's just business as usual for the idea thieves.
Thanks to my vigilent readers (Zakhia, thank you!), there has been a much better appromixation of the origin of the ad which goes back to a photo of Megan Staton posing in her athletic gear and her own uniform of the 366th Medical operations. Here is the photo below!
Sami Saab the person resonsible for the ad has decided to reply to copycat allegations, out of journalistic integrity and the right of reply acknowleged in journalism below are his words:
First I would like to thank you for giving us such exposure on your blog.
A few words in regards to the General Security ad; first let us congratulate them on their excellent service and protection to our country in such a tough situation.
Second, the 2 ads are nothing like each other. The concept in the ad you have shown is that it is the SAME person in 2 different looks.
But the power of the General Security ad is that is 2 DIFFERENT people (Civilian and General Security Personnel) needing each other in order to complete the image of a nation.
The collage idea is not new and there even an app for it. It is the ORIGINAL CONCEPT that makes every ad different than the other.
Please try to understand the concept and the message behind it like all people did before you start to criticize it.

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