Monday, September 22, 2014

Ahmed Imad Eddin scores new Pink Floyd album cover

Image: Ahmed Alam Eddin/Pink Floyd
A very young Egyptian digital artist (reportedly 18 years old) has just scored the cover of the upcoming Pink Floyd album "the endless river". Pink Floyd fans are already divided (and not just by the bell!) as to wether the cover is worthy of the pantheon of the previous albums - let's face it, this image will not look good on black t-shirts like "Dark Side of the Moon" or on white t-shirts such as "The Wall". Personally, since the departure of Roger Waters, and since Pink Floyd have drifted more into Paulo Coelho territory as opposed to some deeper insights, I find the image to be fitting in the mood of the general direction of where the band went. In other news, Roger Waters was "Amused to Death" by the cover. 

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