Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ummati: I am the (real) Muslim.

Breaking news: Beirut/NTSC is abandoning cynism for a very short while. First I must say I have no idea who is behind Ummati (my nation). Their mission statement on their website is positive and uplifting but vague and generic. Oh, and the backlash started already on social media questioning how much of Muslims they are and what not (people did not take kindly to the caricatures republished there, many references were ridiculing the photo of men and women praying together, etc....) in addition to many negative political references - anything from the Saudi Royal family, to the US passing through Israel and the people behind the website and the campaign.
But today, in a world full of idiocy, full of people negating other people's thoughts, opinions, beliefs and what not, I really wish to believe that - despite those stereotypical scenes of a sheikh overlooking a youth teaching youngsters how to play a guitar in some street scene - this IS true Islam. People who are loving life, who are hopeful and kind and caring, people who share and give and are generous with what they have. Sheepishly, the Islam I got to know myself through most of my friends, colleagues, classmates and people I interacted with who held that faith.
I draw a smile instead of every tear, I am the Muslim
I fight (do jihad) for life not for death, I am the Muslim
Forget the backlash, forget the imbeciles, forget the social media which gave megaphones to people with little brain and respect and tolerance. These are Muslims I know.

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