Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The deceptive simplicity of Rawad Hajj

All images by Rawad Hajj

Yet another talent Beirut/NTSC is proud to support and unveil. Rawad suddenly was on the radar because of his #cheerresponsibly campaign which joined the football World Cup craze with daily Lebanese problems. The simplicity and yet efficiency of the design reminded me of the BBCx365 project by Johnny Selman. The ability to convey so much yet with limited use of visuals and with just one gimmick is truly outstanding.
"C'est complique de faire simple" (it's complicated to do something simple). And indeed, what Rawad manages to do is very self-explanatory, but also very Bauhaus in spirit - stripped down to its bare components.
Beirut/NTSC caught up with Rawad and according to him, "I have been posting such posters for over a year now, but recently decided to actually gather them in a single page... The concept of Randromeda (Random +Andromeda) - the closest Galaxy to our Milky Way - is to lay out things from an outsider's perspective, hoping someday to prove that design and visuals are more than enough to communicate large scale ideas, if done smartly..." For Rawad, the page is his "version of a visual blog, talking about day-to-day events, in a simple straight to the point yet clever way... They always have this one element/thought that need a split second to process..."
As we hope there's more where this came from, we enjoy very single outing so far!

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