Friday, July 25, 2014

El azra2 ghab/Dominant rouge series by Tarek Chemaly

...And for everything else there's Mastercard (Tarek Chemaly)
Bathhouses by the river (Tarek Chemaly)
Food for thought (Tarek Chemaly)
Happy meals (Tarek Chemaly)
At a time when photos were still developed, and when one still needed to wait for the film roll to finish before doing so, one time it took the family forever to do so and when the photos were developed, they were dominant red in color. So a friend explained “with time the Kodak loses its blue”. Based on that concept, I went back to small digital works done between 2000-2001 and another batch done in 2003 and eliminated the blue (and green) to have them fully red in colors. The title of the series comes from a song by Romeo Lahoud originally sang by Salwa Katrib “Khidni ma3ak” (take me with you) specifically the time “matra7 ma lawn en azra2 ghab” (when the color blue has vanished).

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