Saturday, July 5, 2014

Cyberia - back from the cold.

Oh wow! Cyberia has a full blown campaign out. Ouff, been an eternity since anything has been posted publically by Cyberia (correct me if I am mistaken). Of course with the new tarrifs of the internet, I guess it was a matter of time for the companies to display their new schedules and plans and whatever. To be honest the campaign has little to talk about apart from one line "min el fajr lal fajr" which is a play on "min el fajr lal najr" (from dawn to dusk which was transposed into from dawn to dawn), but the three other lines "el ghali byerkhaslak" (what's expensive becomes cheap for you), "ija el faraj" (finally a solution), and "mista3jil?" (in a hurry?) - sure they express the point but kind of miss it as well. Still, it's nice to hear from Cyberia again.
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