Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Five Lebanese bands with cool names!

Before anything let me stress this - I have little experience in music, I am not here to critique the output of the bands in questions, and most of these bands are foreign to me. This post is exclusively aimed at arabic-named bands (hence Who Killed Bruce Lee, the Kordz (for whom I have written a song), Arcane, etc.... will not be included). Also since the post is not about musical merit but about funkiness of name Mashrou3 Leila, Adonis, and other bands are not in.
So here they are, five Lebanese bands with cool names (in no particular order).
I shall be accused of being biased over this one because Ashekman and myself collaborated frequently in the past, but the thing that attracted me first about Ashekman was actually their name. Ashekman is the Arabization of "echappement" in case you are wondering about the ethymology of the word.
Fareeq el atrash
Oh come on, don't you love this one? A derivative of Lebanese crooner Farid el Atrash, Fareeq (which means band) el Atrash is just a wonderful spin off!
Meen means "who" so just the name on any poster is catchy enough - "meen" is playing tonight? A self-answered question if there was any!
Fer2et 3a Nota
Fer2et 3a Nota is a genius name! Fer2et means band but also means "missed it by". So the name means "3 nota band" but also "there's a missing note". A wonderfully creative one!
The seaders
Oh how cool is this one? Blending our national symbol (the cedar) with some beach boys vibe (litterary "sea"). And there you have it!

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