Monday, June 9, 2014

Elie Copter et Alain Terrieur - Moules et Fites on a classic!

Some jokes never grow old or stale! The proof is that they have just been recycled on the Moules et Frites menu (a cozy place in Achrafieh). What jokes you ask? Well, if you look closely on the menu glued on the walls nearby you will find they offer a crepe called "Mr. Copter (Elie of course)" in reference to the old joke "Elie Copter" (in French Helicoptere is the same as its English counterpart). And the second crepe they offer is Dr. Alain Terrieur (a l'interieur - inside - in French). Note that both jokes used to be played by my friends regularly on the gullible receptionist at the Rimal resort and she fell for the trick every time!
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