Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Das auto funktioniert nicht.

I know other people loved it, but I for one really wonder about the "Hayde Siyara" (which means "this car") in the Golf ad (and also in the Volkswagen ad at large - such as the case in Dbayeh) whereby "hayde siyara" written in Latinized Arabic is supposed to replace or perhaps Arabize "das auto" (which is is still puzzlingly present in the selling line and which means "the car" in German). So to cut a long story short, this is not the famous self-depreciating "lemon" ad (which ushered a new era in advertising) for the beetle.
For some good Golf check this:
Oh and the title of this post refers to the Fayrouz song "hal siyara mish 3am temshi" (the car is not working - only in German)
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