Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Biskrem and Alpella crumble under their weight.

 Alpella image credit here.

I am not against Ulker at all - it produces relatively good products, cost-effective, can be easy fillers for people on the go (students, professionals favor them for munching, children and housewives find them appropriate alternatives to more expensive brands as treats). But this being said, there are limits to what a product can handle - and Ulker just crossed it: Twice.
The new campaign for Biskrem, their chocolate filled cookies, centers around #discoverwhatsinside in reference to the talents of the people involved and of course to the fact that the product hides an inner layer of chocolate. But this is surely stretching it! The ads are filled with ninjas and hip hop dancers and so on to indicate talent hidden within. But can Biskrem really handle this as such?
And then there's Alpella. Again, the extra mile was crossed with #alpellagraffiti a call to arms for urban expression and hipness. A positioning which may be too far out of reach for what is simply a chocolate, of moderate quality and adequate price which is at heart quite inoffensive in character.
Between #discoverwhatsinside and #alpellagraffiti whomever is handling the  Ulker account is really giving them much more character than they can handle. And although historically Marie-Antoinette never said it (despite popular myth!) - let them eat cake. Because apparently by the above standards, we are too hip for such products.

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