Thursday, April 3, 2014

Is Farid (Chehab) "unique"? Yes you "bet".

My recent post regarding the crossing over of some figures from advertising to environmental consciousness was hailed by some, and not liked by others - and for a reason - I was mentioning specific people, including Farid Chehab, the honorary chairman of Leo Burnett MENA. Several replies later - most of which are public and found on the original post - "Farid" (yes, we jumped into first names quickly - and the meaning of the word Farid is "unique" in Arabic) and myself agreed to meet in a bet (yes, I am referring to the title of his book "A bet for a national conscience") to dissuade me from my cynicism and make a convert out of me when it comes to believing what CIH (Civic Influence Hub) of which he is a member (among 300 other people) is trying to do.
Guess what?
It worked.
Note to ad agencies and other entities mentioned on Beirut/NTSC - it is almost impossible for me to change my mind, but when are you this kind, respectful, value-drirven, passionate, single-minded, and determined about what you do and leave mercantilism aside you might - just might - pull off that incredible feat and do what Farid just did (i.e. change my mind).
Oh and the image above is his own personal dedication of his book to me (what's the point of accepting a book from its author if unsigned?)
Is Farid unique? Yes, you bet.

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