Thursday, April 17, 2014

#InMediasRes photos from opening night.

How odd it is - the photos above depict what seems to be a "making off" whereas most of them are from properly installed and functioning artworks. Yes, it was a real pleasure of be part of the In Medias Res exhibition at Station Beirut in Jisr el Wati (the exhibition will only run till Friday by the way where my installation Vero Modca - which has been set up but is not running till then - will open).
Projections, interactive works, surveillance cameras (two of the images above depict me photographing myself via a surveillance camera), otherwise, themes related to conflict, dichotomy, tension, roots, home, paranoia, identity, and projection of the self have all been explored in complex, very intriguing narratives by some of the most innovative and daring artists.
Since I am part of the show, the above could be considered a biased opinion (and legitimately so), so how about dropping by Station today and tomorrow while the exhibition lasts to prove me right?

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