Friday, April 11, 2014

In Medias Res - soon at Station Beirut

April 16 - April 18, 2014
Interdisciplinary Art Exhibition

On show everyday from 7pm - midnight
Opening reception | Wednesday April 16th | 7pm

INITIATED BY: Miha Vipotnik
SEARCHING JOE: Tarek Joseph Chemaly

Alina Amer (Performance)
Gabrielle Akiki (Photography)
Osman Arabi (Sound Performance)
Rami Bishara (Installation Art)
Cristina Ghinassi (Performance)
Carla Habib (Illustrations)
Firas Hallak (Surveillance Video Installation)
Lea Lahoud (Audio-visual Installation)
Elie Mouhanna (Mix Media Object)
Jad Taleb (Sound Installation)
Judith Talj (Sound Installation)
Patil Tchilinguirian (Graphic Art)
Jad Tannous (Video Installation)

Wednesday | 16.04 | 20:00 | Osman Arabi / Sound Performance
Thursday | 17.04 | 20:00 | Alina Amer / Performance
Friday | 18.04 | 20:00 | Tarek Chemaly / Vero Modca Store

IN MEDIAS RES (Latin: “in the midst of things”) is the artistic technique of telling a narrative from its middle as opposed to its beginning, opening with dramatic action rather than following a linear chronological order. The title is used for an interdisciplinary and inter-media art project that focuses on the role of art and its meaning in a globalized world where uncertainty permeates all levels of society – be it existential, cultural, financial or political.
Initiated by Miha Vipotnik, one of the pioneers of digital art in Europe, the project brings together young Lebanese artists to create site-specific artworks that will conceptually explore the notion of globalized tensions through various narrative devices and media aesthetics. The exhibition will include video projections, sound installations, musical and theatrical performances, photography and interactive pieces that engage visitors with the subject and the artwork.
Setting the target themselves will force the artists to be more ambitious and resourceful to get to it. As tension (conflict) is artistically created it surpasses the usual practices of interpersonal relations and offers the possibility to ponder on the origins and dynamics of the unease. So, instead of building walls between disciplines, why not try to combine participants coming from different walks of life into one common blender as they discover how they can re-appropriate their surroundings. Maybe by acknowledging that there are no "beginnings" or "ends" they will come to terms with the "middles" they live in on a daily basis in a land of tangible and intangible conflicts.
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