Thursday, February 6, 2014

There's things I'd like to do while you play (The Piano)

"Do you know how to bargain, nod if you do. [she doesn't move] There's a way you can have your piano back. Do you want it back? You want it back? You see I'd like us to make a deal. There's things I want to do while you play. If you let me you can earn it back. What do you think, one visit for every key." George Baines in the movie The Piano (1993)
So of course the Frauleins (this means Misses in German) Finkelstein are nowhere close to that quote, but looking at that signage made me remember that famous quote from the movie The Piano (with Harvey Keitel playing Georges Baines).
"There's things I'd like to do while you play"... 

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