Thursday, February 13, 2014

Kissing the Virgin Mary, mouth to mouth.

Image source: here

I give up. The country has officially went insane. The Jackie Chamoun debacle - of photos dating back 3 years ago - has also unearthed another photo which was taken 3 years ago of this man kissing the Virgin Mary (which is a holy figure in Christianity and Islam since she is the mother of Prophet Issa and has a full sura dedicated to her in the Coran) mouth to mouth.
As if the country needed anything to inflame the people, there you have it! We have already had major problems because of the "Danish caricature" issue, and a big shop was closed because it was selling flip flops with a cross on them, and full blown war because of religion... The last thing we need is this!
Before anyone gets hysterical, please remember:
This is an act attributed to one individual not a whole community or faith
The Virgin Mary (as pointed out earlier) has religious significance in both Christianity and Islam
The spirit of forgiveness is not exclusive to Christianity, so don't get haughty in your remarks
But the premise still holds - the country has gone insane!
Please note, out of respect for the issue, I did not chose a "funky" title for this post, I went with a straightforward line in order not to make things worst or be misunderstood of making light or fun of what has happened.

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