Monday, February 10, 2014

Haifa Wehbe: the bicycle (and poster) thief

Source here via F.C.

I got this through the Facebook page of March Design S.A.R.L - they're the ones who spotted it! So, as of late, apart form the vitriol I have been getting I have been taking a lot of heat of seeing "copycats everywhere"! But blimey, what's my fault if there IS copycat everywhere! Staggering example above - the Haifa Wehbe new vehicle "Halawet Rouh" whose poster and even internal snapshots are very close in spirit, execution and art direction to the Movie Malena.... Is nothing sacred anymore?
Oh, and Monica Bellucci is way cooler if you ask me!
Let the trolling begin!

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Anonymous said...

Oh yes, your blog posts show a lot of journalistic skills that prove your years of experience and journalistic training. Bravo!