Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sharon: A slaughterer not a madman

Artwork by Jaka Kramberger

The song "saffah mich majnoun" used to air heavily on Future Television - before they went chummy with the Israelis - and it is about a certain Ariel Sharon... He died like a vegetable after a massive stroke eight years ago. His son said "he went on his time" and his biographer said he was "a man of peace" but make no mistake, as the title of the song says: He was "a slaughterer not a madman".

سفاح مش مجنون
سفاح مش مجنون
عم يقتل شعب فلسطين ويشرب
دم الزيتون
يا ويلك بكرا يا ويلك
بكرا جايي ليلك
بكرا الشمس بتفقر عينك
وين ما كنت تكون
ارييل شارون

A slaughterer not a madman
A slaughterer not a madman
He is killing the people of Palestine and drinking
The blood of the olives
Your tomorrow will bring you woes
Your tomorrow will bring in your night
Tomorrow your sun will  blind you
Wherever you are
Ariel Sharon

And  now he is dead. I am sure a full circle in hell is dedicated to him.

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