Friday, January 10, 2014

Le Miop: Vintage glasses trove

Today Beirut/NTSC has discovered a beautiful stash of vintage glasses and sunglasses at Le Miop in Jounieh... Some exceptionally rare (and I measure my words) items were there - Casal, Bugatti, Lanvin, Cartier, Carrera, Mikli and the list goes on and on. And we are not just talking any vintage items, more like exceptionally sought after pieces which sell for frightening prices on the net IF ever found (do note that Le Miop prices are still reasonable considering what they are selling).
Above are the photos of some of the gems of Mr. Michel E. Eid who speaks of them as one talks about his own children (he is so meticulous about their details up to how they should be placed in their box!) the first two photos are from Alain Mikli (the ultra rare model AT 89 0155) and the second is the Swarovski Mikli mask made famous by the late Dalida, while the third is of the Cartier Palisander Rosewood.
A visit to the shop is not to be missed for any vintage lover.
Le Miop is in Fouad Chehab Street in Jounieh and can be contacted on 009619934726 and 009619916243. Please note that this post is not supported or endorsed by Le Miop but rather a Beirut/NTSC initiative.

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