Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Green mind ad: a blonde moment

So, again, explain it to me as if I was a four year old. What does Marilyn Monroe (peroxide blonde Marilyn that is) have to do with - green? Unless you are green from envy to her legendary status I see no obvious link between the two. Hey, not even Jane Mansfield - another peroxide blonde - but a closeted genius would have made sense in such an ad. Yes, and please, don't tell me the answer is "go famous". That would be even more lame than not giving an answer. Maybe the organizers were having their own blonde moment?


Anonymous said...


This ad is a part of a big media campaign that was launched since August.

The main ad consist of a well known figure (such as Marylin or Einstein) not being applauded by their audience until they start becoming green. The message is "From now on, only those who go green will go famous" and this means that its not enough anymore to be smart or have a great voice. You have to become green.

The main ad is a TV Clip being played on a few channels since November, mainly LBCI, LDC and Sky News Arabia. The animated ad is also on billboards and in the different Grand Cinemas theaters. The banner that you are commenting on is only a briefed visual of the main ad reminding people of applying to the competition.

Support is more of what these organizers need in order to reach people who actually deserve to be awarded.

Thank you

Tarek Chemaly said...

Thank you for the clarification. Please note that originally I am agriculture engineer and environmental economist who has worked extensively on the awareness regarding green issues.
Unfortunately, each ad is judged independently - as it is - without being put back in the context of a bigger campaign and sadly as an independent banner the ad does not work.