Saturday, January 11, 2014

Exotica - my take on their horrible Dubai ad.

 Exotica got itself a horrible ad to announce its opening in Dubai. Flowers seem to pop from the clouds (yeah I know, a reference to the skyscrapers there but who on earth - or in the clouds - can make such a connection?)... Not even the copy saves it! They are not "blooming" in Dubai or "blossoming" in Dubai... No, they "opening" in Dubai. Lame!

So I decided to do the ad as it ought to be done. The silhouette of Burj el Arab is completed with half a leaf and a line that says "Fatta7 bi Dubai" which doubles as "opens in Dubai" but also "blossoms in Dubai". See? It wasn't that difficult. I miss the days when Exotica used to know who it is... Not some mash up of visuals made up as we go along.
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