Saturday, January 11, 2014

Exotica - my take on their horrible Dubai ad.

 Exotica got itself a horrible ad to announce its opening in Dubai. Flowers seem to pop from the clouds (yeah I know, a reference to the skyscrapers there but who on earth - or in the clouds - can make such a connection?)... Not even the copy saves it! They are not "blooming" in Dubai or "blossoming" in Dubai... No, they "opening" in Dubai. Lame!

So I decided to do the ad as it ought to be done. The silhouette of Burj el Arab is completed with half a leaf and a line that says "Fatta7 bi Dubai" which doubles as "opens in Dubai" but also "blossoms in Dubai". See? It wasn't that difficult. I miss the days when Exotica used to know who it is... Not some mash up of visuals made up as we go along.


Mustapha said...

With all due respect Tarek... I'm a fan of pop art and Rana Salam was once my teacher, but your version would be sneered at by Exotica's target audience: Frenchies and people who otherwise equate sophistication with western canons of design and beauty...

I call yours a futile exercise of narcissism (ie pleasing your own aesthetics rather than those of intended audience)

Tarek Chemaly said...

Well, come to think about it Rana Salam - who relies on Arabic pop - has the same clients as exotica (affluent retro-oriented crowd).
When Exotica first started it used to sign IN ARABIC "tazra3 al sa3ada" (plants happiness).
As for narcissism, who knows? I am too narcissistic to self-analyze and compared to other bloggers, my ego is still in check.