Friday, January 31, 2014

Eight simple rules for dating my daughter - at Carousel

1st Rule: Tell everyone about Carousel
2nd Rule: The bouncer is always right ask him anything
4th Rule: Ask not what Carousel can do for you ask what you can do for Carousel or ask the bouncer
5th Rule: If you remember how you got to Carousel you are doing it wrong
6th Rule: Make sure that what you wear will look good on his/her bedroom floor
7th Rule: Do not make plans after Carousel
8th Rule: The DJ is the master of this temple listen as he preaches
Just in case you are not too drunk to realize, rule 3 is missing. I could not find it, as simply as that. And I was sober actually. So if anyone of you can find it, it would be a welcome addition to the book of wisdom that Carousel is proving to be.

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