Thursday, January 2, 2014

Douaihy debauche a oreille!

And so Douaihy sweets shot itself in the foot! A girl goes into a sweets shop that has green blurred boxed in the background (competitor Hallab obviously!) and she asks for sweets. Gets a phone call, admits she is not at Douaihy, feels embarassed about it, attempts to leave the shop in a hurry without her sweets... And then the masterstroke - she asks if there's a Douaihy up the road... So let's get this clear - she knew how to locate the competitors (who are new in the Jounieh area and which resulted in - what was first a fun and then ultimately boring - sweets war in 2013) but she failed to know if Douaihy had any shops there (even though the original campaign played on the fact that Douaihy had been there for a long time). Well, as the French say "on n'est bien servi que par soi-meme" so the ad trashed itself before me trashing it.
For Christmas Douaihy said "de buche a oreille" (playing on buche or yule log and bouche, mouth) - I guess the message is not so spread because now it's debauche a oreille.

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