Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Khouza3balet makes an entrance on the market.

One of the advantages of being Beirut/NTSC is that sometimes the news ends up chasing you (and not the reverse). So someone dropped this in my lap and I am thankful for it. Well, sure, this is not the first "gadget cum t-shirt cum mug" producing venture in Lebanon - the market is flooded with them as it is. But the twist with Khouza3balet (a purely slang Arabic name to indicate "trickery with wit") is that this time there's the advantage of customization.
So if a small boy has a girl to impress and she happens to like smurfs, they are capable of turning her into smurfette, and if your first date was while watching Shrek, you can commemorate your anniversary with a customized Shrek-themed photo (applicable to many media).
I like their mug of a very angry Santa Claus, which, when filled with coffee, shows him smiling instead... Based on their facebook page they are contactable on 03094470 have an email.

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