Friday, December 20, 2013

Jewelers - Kosremelli wins. Himo fails.

Isn't it tough to be a jeweler advertising at Christmas! You can't go cheap, you can't go santa, you can't put an almost-naked woman with a santa hat, etc... So what's left? What's left is degrading women as Himo did by saying "all she wants for Christmas is not only you". Because you see all women are gold diggers (literally in this case!), all of them are incapable of appreciating someone for who he is, and all of them are social climbers. Yeah, right....
Which brings us to Kosremelli and its understated ad. A pendant in the form of a snowflake which resembles the star on top of a Christmas tree. Simple and very classy. Oh and I am sure many women will covet the Kosremelli jewels without them resorting to cheap tricks to get them. Hmmm, maybe, just like the ad, they are classy women with upscale tastes and refinement?

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