Friday, November 8, 2013

Richard Kahwagi appropriates my TV frame. UPDATE

I just saw the above online on this link - a work by Richard Kahwagi. But something about it seemed eerily familiar. Then I remembered that the TV frame was stolen from ME! Yes, that image I picked up from the flea market, cleaned it and cropped it for hours to give the exact effect of vintage and retro... Was picked up by Mr. Kahwagi, used gratuitously, oh - and he increased its color contrast to make it look as it is was his own (the line reads "my land is not for sale" - well neither is my TV Frame).
I am as generous as they come, but it would be nice not to steal from my hard-earned archive building. And just for you to enjoy - the photo below with MY TV frame is a still image from my video art (Com)Promised Land NTSC.
UPDATE: In a major twist of the events, and in a private correspondence with Richard, it turns out we picked up the same photo from the flea market, BOTH of us cleaned it the same way and we BOTH used it in the same artful manner. And it seams his work predates mine (his is 2007 mine is 2009). So when it comes to strange artistic coincidences this one ranks on top. An appology is owed to Richard therefore! 
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