Sunday, October 27, 2013

Scene 6 - interior - day

(The above poster was plastered on the walls of the Spears-Hamra region)
Scene 6 - interior - day
Place: Waiting room inside a clinic
Time: Midday
Action: The young man sits on the sofa waiting for his weekly appointment. In front of the young man there is a table with a white paper on it. He lifts the paper and reads: "I no longer remember for whom and why but I remember how I said - I shall cut myself into small pieces and throw them in a field of flowers maybe a butterfly will carry me to you - that was another time, then, and my gold was the gold of the sun, but now it is the gold you feed upon." The man returns the paper, shifts perspective and waits for another appointment.
One of these days I shall cut myself into little frames, send them through a live transmission, alive again...
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