Monday, October 14, 2013

Ink on the side: Success is not relative.

It was the flop of all flops. Ford Edsel, that is. Yet, it was destined to be the car of the middle manager who is bragging about his success (no chauvinism here, there was no "her" success at the time). But we all know that success is relative, and there are many ways - across cultures to point it out. Today's comic strip by Sareen Akharjalian is a brilliant take on Lebanese society.
Sareen also fails to mention that one of the indicators of success is her doing your profile. One of our ministers had it, Ivy's blog had it. Heck, she had it! But I am still waiting for my turn, I guess I am not successful enough yet. Thank you for brightening our Mondays so consistently Sareen!
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