Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A whiter shade of Klee.

I have come across this beautiful ad here (for a textile manufacturer in Egypt) - its lovely aesthetics (the ad dates back to 1960) reminded me so much of the modernist strokes of Paul Klee specifically his "Double Tent" (1923) pictured below with its interlocking striped triangles. Whereas by no means can I certify the relationship between the two, it is interesting to see avant garde trickle down to a more accessible medium. Had the public seen Klee in a museum (not that visiting museums is a hobby in the Arab world) the work would have been dismissed with a shrug or even disdain, seeing it on a more mass medium while flipping a magazine would have made them (at least) look at the content of the ad. Yes, but it is art? (Sarcasm included).

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