Sunday, September 8, 2013

Fairuz, Syria, Iraq, and the US - a crime paid for in advance (جريمة مدفوع حقها سلف)

I have just thought about the perfect analogy of the Syrian crisis and the US debacle. In the play Loulou, Fairouz plays the namesake character who has just got out of prison and was incarcerated for a murder she did not commit. So in a twisted logic, she wanted to kill someone because she has "a murder paid for in advance" (جريمة مدفوع حقها سلف). The whole Iraq war was based on the false intelligence of the weapons of mass destruction that Saddam supposedly had. The Arab world has been punished for a crime it did not commit at the time - and now it is taking its revenge by committing one (even if the perpetrators of the said chemical use in Syria has still not been designated) - after all, it has a "crime paid for in advance" and it needs to even the scores.
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