Friday, August 16, 2013

Lebanon's older official logo

I saw this in a private residence, in the children's room which has not been changed since the 70s and my heart skipped a beat. We are all accustomed to see the logo below as being the one promoting Lebanon through the ministry of tourism.
Of course, the difference between the two is minimal... And yet, the above version by all means precedes this one. First, the "symmetry" of the letters was still imperfect (specifically the dots). But also, it included a Phoenician boat at the base. Knowing that the legend of the Phoenicians (and by legend, I do mean the word!) was associated with Christians trying to differentiate themselves from the "Arabs" (yes, including those non-Christians who happened to live in Lebanon) which was dumped in the latter version. 
Still, this is a priceless find.

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