Monday, July 22, 2013

Sweet rivalry - LifeScan has the last word

Image credit: Miled Issa and Tarek Chemaly

Before anything else, I wish to point out that the ad above is a spoof and was in no way endorsed by Johnson and Johnson, Fattal distributors or Lowe Pimo which has the account.
This being said, it kind of rocks! And yes, this is a product of Miled Issa and yours truly Tarek Chemaly.
After a full week of bantering about sweet this and sweet that, LifeScan One Touch, the machine that measures the blood glucose level to keep it in check for diabetic people has gotten the last word in the sweets war.
"Wa min al helou ma katal" - a play on words on "wa min al hobb ma katal" which means some forms of love end up suffocating the loved one... In this case replacing love with sweets, the message comes across perfectly.
The second "el helou... talla3lna el sekkari" - the expression "talla3telle el sikkari" means "you made my blood glucose go higher" and is used as a slang for "you upset me as it is!"... So frankly, after this much bickering about sweets, we've had it already. Sweets did indeed cause our glucose levels to jumps.
I truly think this gives Lifescan One Touch the last word about this topic...

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