Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Three on the go.

Dolce Farfalla The bald and the beautiful - Dolce Farfalla is sticking with cancer patients while emphaszing how stylish it is to be different out of solidarity. I have no idea what prompted the move or if we are in some cancer awareness month, but the initiative is laudable for sure.
And on a totally unrelated note, there was this interesting one too:
I am truly impressed with that one! The words "offer" in English and "awfar" (or the most cost-efficient) in Arabic. Even they found a calligraphic way to make them stick together trying to "arabize" the latin version with what we call "haraket" (or small additions to indicate spoken sounds). And the best surprise? This is Spinney's... Go figure!
And this one gets on my nerves! "Every night... leave it to your imagination" courtesy of Xplosiv energy drink. Whomever comes up with this should leave his imagination aside. It is demeaning for women and for the population at large to see such stereotypes in full view. No class, just crass!
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