Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Le Chef renovates and I am despairing.

Via Sans Gluten a Beyrouth

When in a very recent post about Boubouffe rebranding I said "what's next? Le Chef in Gemmayze" I meant it as an ironic remark.... About something that - theoretically - I thought it would never happen. But happen it did. Ladies and gentlemen the last bastion of resistance in Beirut has fallen - Le Chef in Gemmayze is being renovated. The last of the authentic bunches has fallen. What will happen to that kitschy wall painting, or the swan which adorned the wall and will Charbel (trademark - "welcoooooooooooome") keep the old postcards he was sent from all over the world and which hung proudly on the wall?
For those of you who either did not go there or wish to remember it the way it was please check those photos.
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