Friday, May 17, 2013


Here is it - the whole naked truth. Today I shall reveal who Brofessional Review is.
There, I said it. I am all of them combined Admin I and Admin NK and whomever else there is on the admins list. If I am writing this, it is because I am siding with every blogger in town - yes, including those I am mentioning below because "first they came for the Jews" (read the entirety of it here). Because next time you will be attacked - not your words, your character - I will be there for you as I am for Brofessional Review today.
It is with much disappointment today that I saw leading bloggers sharing a link exposing the identity of the alleged members of the Brofessional Review gang.  Sure, they may be journalistically untrained due to lack of experience but if today's events are of any guidance, then I am ashamed to say that even our most outspoken bloggers are also journalistically unprofessional - and the person who speaks today is Tarek Chemaly who has started a career in print media as far back as Nov. 2nd 1993 (that's a lot of time, yes).
First, before you endorse any source and start circulating it, you double check its facts. Do we know for sure the information there is correct? Ideally, do we have other sources that confirms this? (I know Brofessional Review were guilty of this, but it is no reason to perpetuate the error and the bias elsewhere). Did anyone of those bloggers sharing the link I am mentioning bother to double check its content with the people it talks about?
Second, if you happen to agree with the source in question, and you have made sure its content is corroborated, do you agree with its wording? With the way it was stated? If so, then several of our leading bloggers in Lebanon are outright homophobic people (including those who were supposed to be homosexuals). Because they were circulating a link - in its entirety - that not just exposed the supposed identity of Brofessional Review bloggers but also contained character defamation regarding their sexual orientation, their looks, and many of their personal attributes.
So is this what our freedom of speech which we have been trying to propagate throughout the blogosphere has come down to? Sharing unconfirmed links which contain personal insults about other bloggers? No matter how much we disagree with their opinions, we cannot do so to them as people - criticize the work of Brofessional Review as much as you want (something they did to other people) but never, ever, attack them as persons (for ALL their faults, their lack of fact checking, they never attacked the person behind the work they were criticizing).
But next time anyone of you bloggers who circulated the link claims they care for human rights or for journalistic ethics, or whatever, my answer will be "first you came for Brofessional Review" and none of you stood up for them as humans. So before anyone talks to me about illegal curfews for the Syrians or standing up for migrant workers, why not try applying that to fellow bloggers?
You want to attack the person(s) behind Brofessional Review? Great, give ME your best shot because:
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