Monday, April 8, 2013

Spinney's - getting it right and wrong!

Spinney's has just had a hit! Yes, as strange as it may sound they came up with a catchy slogan - "ya3ish el ma3ash" (long live the salary) - and yes, for a discount chain to do a discount campaign it's nothing new (perhaps they felt the heat from Carrefour who just opened in Lebanon?). Still with a pseudo-communist imagery they even have a good visual to boot!
Now, remember the old debacle about them sucking in math? Well, they could have gone home free had they produced the above image which I found on the net (somewhere....) - if my calculations are correct (I am NOT relying on Spinney's doing subtractions) but the 64 years Spinney's claimed to be established in Lebanon (and considering their campaign came out in 2012), therefore they first started in 1948 - which seeing the image makes their claim definitely correct.
With one simple flaw: They couldn't prove it. Or be consistent....


Anonymous said...

Both the 11 years and the 64 years happen to be correct. They first opened in 1948 (making it 64 years in 2012), closed in the early 1970's due to civil war and then relaunched in 1998 (making it 11 years in 2009).

The below link explains their exact timeline:

I will post this link/comment on the earlier article too: (

Tarek Chemaly said...

Well, if it makes sense to you, it does not to me - you can either be 64 years old or 14 years old.