Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Local ads which were done better eslewhere

 The news Kurban ad left Nagib from Blog Baladi way less than satisfied and whereas I shall be kinder to the ad than he was mainly because I need a vacation myself I could not but help thinking of...
 ... This ad which dates back to 2003 (at least) for Prudential savings plan and their line "I want to be in the other poster".... (with the fictional travel agency logo displayed).
Now let's move to this one courtesy of Khoury Home announcing their free after-sales services in 24 hours (the presence of a (*) in the ad is alarming that terms and conditions apply) but still the wrench and the screwdriver made me remember...
 ... The classic manifesto from Avis rent a car when they came up with their campaign "when you're number two you try harder".
Just thought I would share these two examples which are much better than the ads we are currently being offered.

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