Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Johnny Maroun: Canvas psycho-the-rapist

Sil Te Plaie - Johnny Maroun

"It took the universe more than 13 billion years to create the right circumstances for life to appear on this planet and it takes one second for a human being to pull a trigger and destroy it, just as it takes me one second to pull a trigger and create a piece of art." With these words Johnny Maroun sums up his work. And he isn't joking. When Johnny talks of "pulling a trigger" to create art, he means literally just that.
Johnny's work is entitled "sang facon" a French play on words about blood, but also being informal among friends - which could also be enemies in disguise. His favorite works of the series is "Sil Te Plaie" (again it means "please" but also the word "plaie" means open wound) about which he says "It took me two hours to “execute it”. 1 hour and 55 minutes contemplating the withe canvas, getting to know it, but still keeping distance to avoid sympathizing with it and then I saw the “blood” dripping on the canvas."
Naturally, Johnny names Jackson Pollock among his influences, and he will soon be showing his work at Showcase Barcelona at Casa Batllo (designed by Gaudi himself!)... More of Johnny work can be found on his website.

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